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Have you ever wondered how fresh your drinking water system is in your RV or boat? Well, now you can efficiently control the freshness of you drinking water with EPA approved AQUA SHOCK H2O. This technology has been used to purify the drinking water in major airlines for over 35 years. With AQUA SHOCK H2O you will have peace of mind knowing that the water you are drinking is completely purified and bacteria free.

How Does it Work?

AQUA SHOCK H2O is a broad spectrum micro biocidal that controls build-up of slime and odor caused from bacteria and enhances the taste of potable water. AQUA SHOCK H2O contains 2% chlorine dioxide (CIO2) that is stabilized and therefore produces the most effective long term residual antimicrobial. E-coli, aspergillus, legionella, salmonella, stephlococcus, listeria and pseudomonal are just a few harmful bacteria that AQUA SHOCK H2O has been proven to be most successful against these bacteria than other common water sanitizers. for antimicrobial control, AQUA SHOCK H2O call for a mix ratio of one (1) ounce of AQUA SHOCK H2O to gallons of fresh water to produce a 5ppm (parts per million ) concentration which provides a more effective microbial elimination and much lower concentration level than other common water sanitizers available on the market.

How to Use

Aqua Shock H20

Fresh Water Tank Sanitizer/Disinfectant

Fresh water tanks need to be sanitized/disinfected at least once a year to control bacteria build-up of slime and odors.

You will need: to know the size of your tank (in gallons), a clean bucket for mixing, and a well ventilated area to work in

Direction of use:

  1. Add a few drops of dish-washing soap to tank and fill tank full with fresh water
  2. Empty tank
  3. In a clean bucket mix:

-10 grams Activator Crystals and

-3.25 ounces Aqua Shock H2O

For each 10 gallons of tank capacity to one gallon of water

A 50 gallon tank for example: 50 gallons/10 = 5

5 x 3.25 = 16.25 ounces of Aqua Shock H20

5 x 10 = 50 grams Citric Acid crystals

  1. Add to tank through fresh water gravity port. If you do not have a freshwater gravity port, use the AMS injector
  2. Fill fresh water tank to full. Run water through all valves to let solution in water lines, and shut off.  Let solution stand for one hour.
  3. After 1 hour, drain tank
  4. Refill tank to full with fresh water. Reopen all valves for fresh water to re-enter
  5. Test water with Oxy-Stix test strips to check water level (should be 1- 5 ppm). If level needs to be adjusted, add Aqua Shock H20 1 ounce to 30 gallons of water until testing indicates recommended range.


Aqua Shock H20

Effective microbial eliminations

Aqua shock H20 should be used every time you fill up your fresh water holding tank at the rate of 1 ounce per 30 gallons of fresh water for a rate of 5 ppm to keep water sanitized and enhance drinking water

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