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Have you ever stepped on board your RV or boat and noticed a smell from your black or gray holding tank?  Have you used odor control products that do not work?  With ODOR-SHOCK you can eliminate those smells like no other product.  ODOR-SHOCK is environmentally safe and does not mask odors as it contains no fragrances or formaldehyde.  ODOR-SHOCK eliminates odors by oxidation that neutralizes odors.

ODOR-SHOCK is 100% biodegradable and will keep black and gray holding and lavatory systems free of sludge and organic build-up and also keeps sensors clean.

Comes in 32oz

Directions for Use

Black Holding Tank:  Pour (1) ounces ODOR-SHOCK into the toilet bowl then flush to deliver product into holding tank.  This will treat up to 60 gallons of black tank waste.
Gray Holding Tank & Drains:  Pour (1) ounce ODOR-SHOCK into one sink drain that empties into gray holding tank.  This will treat up to 60 gallons or gray tank waste.
When tanks are full,empty black tank first followed by gray tank.  Repeat steps above for continued use.

Directions for use during storage of RV or Boat
After black holding tank has been emptied, add (1) ounces ODOR-SHOCK and flush toilet.  This will preserve tank until next usage.
After gray holding tank has been emptied, pour (1) ounce ODOR-SHOCK into each sink drain and bath/shower drain to preserve drains until next usage.
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