Norman, Oklahoma 73069

The Odor Shock worked better than I could have imagined, instantly we noticed a pleasant difference.  I will have to get the aqua shock and try that now,  I heard you can drink the water and your ice cubes even taste good.  Awesome products!!! Glad I found These.

Jeff W.


After my first use of OdorShock, I knew I’d found my new favorite product to make our home that rolls away from home even more livable. I never thought the smell of nothing could be so refreshing! I was amazed and it was so easy to use. I highly recommend it! Thanks OdorShock!

Dale R.

I have been using Odor Shock and it works great. What really amazed me  is the last time we put the RV in storage we were unable to drain the tanks. We weren’t able to get back to empty the tanks for over 3 weeks. I was dreading walking into the RV but to my amazement I smelled nothing, went into the bathroom and nothing. Zero odor. I am a true believer in Odor Shock. Odor Shock for life!!

Allen V